2017, 60 m2, Moscow, Russia

The shop is located on the ground floor of the 20th century apartment house built in 1905. The building has a status of an architectural monument.
The pop-up shop occupies a relatively small area around 60 square meters. It consists of a main entrance hall, a private room for working with clients and a storage.
For a long time, while the space has been used as an atelier for tailoring, it lost its former architectural authenticity. Most of the original molding was lost and the floor cover replaced with a more recent one.
The project has carefully restored the original 20th century brick cladding, and this texture become primary layout for a new shop.
In opposition to historical texture of a brick cladding - project include cold stainless steel units for a shoe furniture. Blue ultramarine color minimizes sharp design effect. Contrasting textures create unexpected atmosphere in the historical space. All furniture pieces, lights and mirrors have been custom-designed by the architect especially for this project.